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We provide comprehensive medical care and advice on how to lead a healthy life. Our staff comprises experienced health care professionals who serve with integrity and are equipped to manage various diseases using the latest techniques.

Core services

  • Comprehensive medical care (including management of Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, and other chronic diseases).
  • Modern well-stocked Pharmacy
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology, and family planning services
  • Paediatric care (including immunizations)
  • Wellness check-up (Men and women)
  • Emergency care services (stabilization and referral)
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Dental Clinic – Fully equipped to meet all your oral health needs:
    • Fillings, Cleaning, Whitening of Teeth, Root canal treatment, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Orthodontics.
    • All dental clients receive oral health education.
  • Specialized Laboratory Tests;
    • Diabetes: HbA1c and Microalbumin
    • Hormones: Thyroid function tests, Progesterone, chCG and βhCG; LH, PRL, Testosterone
    • Cancer Screening: PSA, CEA, and AFP
    • Cardiac Enzymes: Tn-I, hsCRP and Myoglobin
    • Infection: CRP, PCT, and ASO for Rheumatic fever
    • Others: Vitamin D, Ferritin, and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Physical examination (for school, work, sports, insurance cover, etc.)

Why Choose Caremax Health

  • Our Doctors practice evidence based medicine
  • You will receive personalized care provided by experienced physicians, specialists, nurses, and other staff
  • We use advanced technology and techniques to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries
  • We accept NHIF and other major insurance plans available in Kenya (e.g. Madison, UAP, APA, First Assurance, Britam, Resolution Health, AON, Sanlam, CIC, Pacis, Eagle Africa, Kengen and many more )
  • We accept walk-ins: No appointment required though it’s advisable to schedule an appointment for faster service.
  • Open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm; Saturday 09am-6pm; Sunday and Public Holiday 11am-6pm.

Payment Policy

  • We accept payment via Sendwave/Mpesa from anywhere in the world!
  • We accept cash, debit and credit cards
  • We can assist you enroll with NHIF (our code is 22202938).
  • We can assist you enroll (New) for NHIF or choose CAREMAX as your preferred service provider